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Brick and Lime Supplies

Modern cementatious mortars are hard and impermeable and can allow moisture to be trapped within the structure. Lime mortars and renders are vapour permeable, allowing the structure to breathe and release moisture. They are also more flexible and will tolerate the movements associated with traditional building construction.

We produce only the finest lime mortars for use in plastering, rendering, re-pointing and bricklaying.

Lime Products

  • Slake lime mortar 1-3 base coat
  • Slake lime mortar 1-2 ½, float coat
  • Slake lime mortar 1-2 finish coat
  • Slake lime mortar I-I ½, finish coat
  • Slake lime mortar 1-2 finish coat
  • Slake lime mortar 1-3 with hair (special order)
  • Available in 1 ton bag and 25kg bags (ready to use)
  • Mortars mixed to individual specification
  • Lime putty 25kg 4-9 month maturity
  • Fibre chalk plaster 15 litre tubs
  • Main agents for the Lime Green product range
  • St Astier NHL 3.5 25kg bags
  • St Astier NHL5 30kg bags
  • St Astier NHL2 25kg bags
  • Ecomortar – coloured pigment finish coats for rendering internally and externally 25kg bags
  • Pigmented hydraulic lime mortars – add water only – for general and specialist brick laying
  • Limelight – full product range
  • Limetec – full product range
  • Breathaplasta

Quick lime

  • Limewash paints – various colours – 5 ltr and 10 ltr
  • Mineral paints Beeck

Forest Products

  • Riven chestnut laths 1 ¼ x ¼”
  • Riven chestnut baton for roof tiling
  • Sawn oak laths 1 ¼” x ¼”
  • Sawn pine laths 1 ¼” x ¼”
  • Wattle split hazel
  • Oak flooring – various widths
  • Green oak framing
  • Tile pegs oak or chestnut

Earth & Animal Products


  • Earth pigments
  • Hair – horse, goat, yak
  • Dried cow dung
  • Barley straw

Reclaim Products

  • Imp. Kent reds – handmade 68mm, 60mm, 50mm
  • Imp. London yellow – handmade
  • Imp. Gaults
  • Imp. Red multi
  • Imp. Victorian pavers
  • Imp. Blue headers
  • Yorkstone paving – various sizes and thicknesses
  • Kent rag stone guillotine random rubble
  • Kent rag stone dressed squared
  • Kent rag stone random rubble
  • Sussex sandstone – special shapes blocks
  • Chilmark stone – special shapes blocks
  • Flint napped – various sizes
  • Flint square napped
  • Flint block (agents for)
  • Portland stone – blocks, special shapes, flooring
  • New Imperial handmade, simulated handmade bricks, special shapes, bull nose, plinths, dog legs etc. All major companies represented.


  • Roof tiles, reclaim and new
  • Kent pegs and fittings
  • Welsh slates – various sizes

Chinese slates

  • Reclaim slate tiles 20×10 12×10



  • 3mm – Fines wash grades sand 25kg
  • 1mm – 0.75mm clay pit silica sand 25kg
  • 2.6mm silica sand 25kg
  • 3-4mm washed graded sharp sand 25kg
  • 3-4mm washed graded restoration sand 25kg
  • Black pigmented sand 25kg bag



  • Black grit (coal lookalike)
  • 1mm amber flint 25kg bags only
  • 2-4mm amber flint 25kg bags only
  • 5-6mm amber flint 25kg bags only


Crushed Chalk

  • In 27kg tubs
  • Wool Insulation


Rolls, bats (various thicknesses)

Insulation Products

  • Pavatex Isoroof
  • Pavafix 60
  • Pavatherm combi
  • Pavaflexwood Fibre
  • Woodwool Board
  • Panel vent D W D
  • Steico-special Dry Board

Please note:

The list above covers a full range of restoration products and our products are of the highest quality. We endeavour to supply a full technical back up with our products. If you have any special enquiries for a product that is not on this list we will always try to source this item for you.

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